SAVANNAH, Ga. — Dozens of boats and volunteers have been heading out of Savannah, Ga. to look for missing firefighters, Brian McCluney and Justin Walker. 

Thursday's announcement by the U.S. Coast Guard to suspend the search was not the outcome many had hoped for, but people in Savannah told First Coast News this is not the end of the road.

"I do feel like there will be people still looking," Judy Helmey said.

She's an experienced boater and she owns a charter business in Savannah and has an employee on the waters. 

"We have one charter boat offshore today who's fishing," he said. "He's fishing about 45 miles out and he is going to take some time and look also."

Helmey has heard of previous success stories and is praying for a positive outcome for McCluney, who is a firefighter of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, and Justin Walker, a firefighter from Fairfax, Va. She remembers one case 25 years ago when a man was stranded at sea.

"He'd been in an icebox for four days, floating in the icebox," he said. "His commercial boat had sunk. So, anything is possible."

Savannah's Fire and Rescue Special Operations Team spent 20 hours on the water the last two days, sharing pictures of their 200 square mile search.

"It's hard to know there is someone at home waiting for answers," said Batallion Chief Joseph Bandy.

He's not only thinking of McCluney and Walker, but rather their families, who along with so many others, are still waiting for that glimmer of hope.

"We are all family," he said. "We care for each other. We look out for each other the best we can."