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Give me a scoot scoot! Scooter pilot program launches in Downtown Jacksonville

In February, the City Council voted unanimously to adopt a one-year pilot program that would allow for e-scooters and bicycles in Downtown Jacksonville.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Electric scooters have officially come to Downtown Jacksonville.

Starting Thursday, e-scooters can be rented in the downtown area via a smartphone app and then dropped off at 35 designated corrals.

The corrals are located on the sidewalk and out of the way of pedestrians, parked cars or other users.

The city says the program is yet another step towards reclaiming options for pedestrians and bicyclists downtown by providing healthy, viable and environmentally sustainable transportation alternatives.

In February, the City Council voted unanimously to adopt a one-year pilot program that would allow for e-scooters and bicycles in Downtown Jacksonville. 

The launch of the e-bicycles will be on a later date.

Want to rent a scooter? Click here or scroll to the bottom of this story to see where they are located and for a boundary map. Story continues below

 Have a need for speed? You will have to look elsewhere. The devices will have a top speed of 15 mph, with a 10 mph limit to be imposed when riding on sidewalks or areas with a large amount of foot traffic.

The devices will be restricted to the Downtown area, which is defined as the area from I-95 east to Broad Street, between Bay Street and Water Street and also bordered by Broad Street and the Acosta Bridge on the west.

According to the ordinance, no more than four operators will be permitted to operate in the city at any time with a maximum of 250 units per company.

For more information about the program, click here.

Download the app to rent a scooter.


  • 1. JRTC, W Bay St 
  • 2. Duval County Courthouse, Broad St 
  • 3. Bay and Broad Pocket Park 
  • 4. Water Street Garage, Water St 
  • 5. Times Union, Water St 
  • 6. Times Union Riverwalk, W Coastline Dr 
  • 7. Hogan St S and Water Street 
  • 8. Riverfront Plaza, E Independent Dr 
  • 9. Hogan St S and Bay St W 
  • 10. Hogan St and Adams St 
  • 11. James Weldon Johnson Park 
  • 12. City Hall, Hogan St 
  • 13. First Baptist Church, Hogan St
  •  14. N Laura St and W Ashley St 
  • 15. Church St W and N Laura St 
  • 16. MOCA, N Laura St 
  • 17. Snyder Church, N Laura St 
  • 18. JEA, Church St W 
  • 19. JEA, N Main St 
  • 20. N Main St 
  • 21. Jacksonville Public Library, N Main St 
  • 22. Jessie Ball duPont Center, Adams St 
  • 23. 11 E Apartments N Main St 
  • 24. Jessie Ball duPont Center, Ocean St 
  • 25. Main St S and E Bay St 
  • 26. Jessie B. Smith Memorial Plaza, E Forsyth St
  • 27. S Newnan St and E Bay St 
  • 28. E Forsyth St and N Market St 
  • 29. S Market St and E Bay St 
  • 30. Berkman Plaza I, E Bay St 
  • 31. Catherine St and E Bay St 
  • 32. Vystar Arena, A.P. Randolph 
  • 33. 121 Financial Ballpark, E Adams St 
  • 34. TIAA Bank Field, E Adams St 
  • 35. Metropolitan Park