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Road sage? Survey ranks Jacksonville as least stressful place to drive in the country

Jacksonville has the least stressed drivers in the country, according to an AI tool that analyzed 1.3 million nationwide driving-related tweets.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville highways and roads are orderly and polite passages of travel, right? I-95 and I-10, certainly are driver friendly roadways full of manners and right-of-way.

No one driving rudely. No one cutting anyone off. No semis overturning. Jacksonville roads sing with harmony. Or something.

According to a survey conducted by HiRoad.com, Jacksonville ranks as the "least stressful city for drivers" in the country.

The survey collected 1.3 million driving-related tweets posted nationwide and used an AI tool called "TensiStrength" to detect their stress levels.

According to HiRoad, TensiStrength is able to assess stress levels in short pieces of text based on indicators like word choice and punctuation. 

Portland, Oregon, Chicago and New York City ranked the most stressful places to drive.

Credit: HiRoad.com
Least stressful cities to drive in, according to HiRoad twitter survey.

The HiRoad analysis revealed that drivers in Portland, Oregon complain about driving more than in any other city in the U.S. Nearly half (47.6%) of the driving-related tweets they found in Portland registered as stressed when run through TensiStrength

The least stressed drivers tweet from Jacksonville, Florida, the survey said. Less than a third (32.7%) of driving-related tweets they found registered as stressed, according to the TensiStrength tool. 

Tampa ranks as the second-least stressful city for drivers, according to the proportion of driving-related tweets there that are stressed (36.1%). 

The survey also discovered the most stressful days of the week for driving in each state, based on the proportion of tweets posted on those days that registered as stressed. 

The analysis revealed that in eight states, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are when the most stressed tweets were posted about driving.

Credit: HiRoad.com
Most stressful places to drive, HiRoad twitter survey.

About the survey, HiRoad said:

Our analysis considers 1.3 million geotagged tweets related to driving posted on Twitter. Twitter data was collected between May 12 to May 25 2022. We considered tweets from drivers in 49 U.S. states (incl. Rhode Island, Arizona, and Utah), 93 U.S. cities and the 20 busiest highways in the country.

Each tweet was scanned with TensiStrength, an AI tool developed by Mike Thelwall at the University of Wolverhampton. The tool detects stress levels in short pieces of text and assigns it a stress level score. For the purposes of our analysis, any tweet that scored between -2 (stressed) and -5 (very stressed) was considered stressed.

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