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Jacksonville Beach bars prepare to host fans for Jaguars playoff game this weekend

Jacksonville Beach businesses are calling themselves "a fans home away from home" for those who don't want to drive to TIAA Bank Field for the Jaguars game.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — Downtown Jacksonville businesses aren't the only ones benefitting from the Jaguars winning streak. Fans who can't be in the stands are rushing to Jacksonville Beach sports bars to get a front row seat of the game on the big screen.

Businesses are calling themselves "a fan's home away from home" for those who can't or don't want to make the drive to the stadium for the game, and they say it's working because it's business like they've never seen before.

"It was nuts, wall-to-wall people here it was very exciting to see people, their emotions, we're just happy to be a part of it," said Graffiti Burger Bar Employee Nialls Carter. 

Thousands of fans spent their game day watching the Jaguars vs. Titans at the beach last weekend.

"We make you feel like you're at the game without having to drive downtown," Monkey's Uncle Tavern Bar Manager said. 

In a statement, Jacksonville Beaches Pro Tempore Mayor Cory Nichols says, "Because of the distance to and from TIAA Bank Field and the limited number of restaurant or bar options near the stadium, fans from all over the area that do not plan to attend the game in person choose to visit Jacksonville Beach establishments like Brix, Monkey's Uncle and Graffiti Junction for a great game day experience."

Employees of Graffiti Burger Bar, Monkey's Uncle Tavern and Sneakers Sports Grill say customers enjoy the atmosphere local restaurants and bars have to offer on a game day and they are prepared to continue the celebration for this weekend's game against the Chargers. 

"Sneakers is special because we're right next to the beach, and we're such a large venue with unique options, we have large TVs here it's not like any other place. It's like going to the movies when everybody gets in here, and they are all cheering for the same thing it becomes a special event," Sneakers Manager Matthew Wander said. 

Aside from the atmosphere, Monkey's Uncle Tavern Bar Manager Tom Letro says its chef is offering team inspired food specials. 

"She had the Tennessee Meltdown last weekend which was a fun food special and this weekend she's doing something called the Duval Destroyer I'm not going to tell you what it is, it's a secret, so you'll have to come see it for yourself," Letro said. 

As for preparation, Carter says they are prepared to have plenty of staff on site.  

"We're a really friendly staff and we always make sure everyone is having a good time," Carter said.  

If you're planning on getting a spot in front of the big screen at any Jacksonville Beach bar or restaurant, employees say the biggest advice they can give is to come early, preferably more than 45 minutes before kickoff.

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