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Restauranteur puts money where her mouth is after customer claims finding maggots in food

"If it did happen it was an isolated incident," said Denise Daley, who has been running the Caribbean Sunrise Bakery for 13 years. Earlier this week, a customer posted a video showing maggots crawling in a to-go order from the restaurant.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The owner of the Caribbean Sunrise Bakery is putting her money where her mouth is after a customers creepy complaint got a lot of attention online.

A customer posted a video on social media showing maggots crawling in a to-go order of jerk chicken, she claims came from the North Main Street restaurant.

"If it did happen it was an isolated incident, said Denise Daley has been running the restaurant for 13 years.

Daley says the key word there is if, claiming cooks bake the chicken, then cook it again on the grill, keep it hot in the kitchen and microwave it, meaning its cooked three times before being served to customers.

"Ensuring what the customer gets is a hot meal, Daley said.

She was so confident her food is safe she let First Coast news cameras into her kitchen, offered to eat it and let First Coast News reporter Eric Alvarez cut into it with the camera rolling.

Its important to be open and honest with customers, she said.

I do apologize that we had to be put in this light to the general public," Daley said. "Our intentions are very good and we'll continue to provide safe quality food to the customers to ensure that they enjoy the meals and that they remain safe while eating our food.


After the complaint, she says the staff checked all the meat, didn't find any other problems, but threw out that batch anyway.

The health inspector also investigated, but the report doesn't show any serious violations.

The restaurant welcomed customers Friday.

Our day didn't start out very busy but it has picked up and I'm very encouraged by that, Daley said.