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Reported hazing of hospitalized teen under investigation in Glynn County

Video appearing to show minors spraying teen with water hose prompts police investigation; GoFundMe says teen is in critical condition.

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. — UPDATE: Police report shows Trenton Lehrkamp alcohol level was 6 times the legal limit after reported hazing

Vigil held Monday after reported hazing leaves Glynn County teen hospitalized

This story was updated to include new information from the Glynn County Police Department and to include the name of the victim. 

The Glynn County Police Department is investigating an incident following dozens of social media posts in the coastal Georgia community this weekend, according to a press release.

The posts include Snapchat videos and Facebook posts that appear to show a teen being sprayed with a hose while he sits impassively in a chair.

A statement from GCPD says officers responded to the Southeast Georgia Health Center because an individual had been brought in "with a high level of intoxication." 

The hospital told police three juveniles had brought the victim inside. They gave their names to the hospital but left before police arrived.

The victim, later identified as Trenton "Trent" Lehrkamp was treated for "high level of intoxication, from a mixture of controlled substances and alcohol." He was awake and alert and was able to be interviewed by police.

He did not have any physical injuries but had spray paint on him, police said. 

Police were able to obtain a search warrant for the home where the incident took place in St. Simons Island and collect evidence. 

A GoFundMe, which raised more than $25,000 in eight hours, says the teen "spent Tuesday night with a group of people who he thought were his friends. They picked him up from his house, and he expected to have a casual night with his friends." 

The post continues that the teen "wouldn’t know until it was too late that these were not friends, but vile and abusive perpetrators who would go on to torture, humiliate, and assault him in inhumane, terrifying ways for hours. He was dropped off in front of the ER doors. He was deemed inconclusive to life; only passing 6 breaths per minute. Since that evening, [he] has been on a ventilator in the ICU, battling fevers and a lung infection."

A Facebook post on the Glynn County Citizens on Patrol Facebook page shows a picture of four teenagers posing with a seated boy who appears to be unconscious, reportedly taped to a chair and possibly spray painted. Police now say they have determined this video is from a "prior incident." 

Another photo shows a teen in a hospital bed on a ventilator. The post says the other teens, "students on Saint Simons Island ... bound an unconscious and unresponsive boy to a chair, spray painted him from head to toe, pissed on him, took a s*** in his lap and the list goes on and on. Then dropped him off at the ER.  Now he’s on a ventilator fighting for his life."

First Coast News has reached out to the Glynn County Police Department for information and incident reports. The Brunswick News quotes County Police Capt. Michael Robinson as saying on Sunday, "This is still under investigation and is still really fresh." 

The news story says police responded to the emergency room at the Southeast Georgia Health System Tuesday at 9:45 p.m. in response to an overdose and were told a family member wanted to report a hazing incident. It has not been confirmed that the call was related to Lehrkamp. 

A social media post from the Glynn County Board of Commissioners on Sunday said the criminal investigation division of Glynn County Police Department is gathering facts, interviews, evidence and other relevant information on the incident and is asking anyone with information to contact the police department's Silent Witness line at 912-264-1333 or email tips to 911silentwitness@glynncounty-ga.gov.  

The Glynn County PD Facebook post announcing the investigation had 318 comments as of 9:20 p.m. Sunday. Commenters say they are furious that the boys allegedly involved were able to go to school all week after this incident happened Tuesday. 

No arrests have been announced as of Sunday evening.

Glynn academy graduate speaks out about video

A Glynn Academy graduate of 2021 called First Coast News after seeing the video and feeling outraged.

"The intensity of the bullying I've seen in Glynn Academy and Glynn County first hand, not surprised," said Bailey H.

Bailey H. says she couldn't wait to graduate from Glynn Academy in 2021 to get away from what she considered a toxic environment.

When she saw video spreading on a local Facebook group of a teenager being bullied, she was appalled, but ultimately, wasn't surprised.

"I feel like some of these kids don't even realize in the moment while they're doing it, how bad what they're doing is," said Bailey H. "If they'd seen it on social media and someone else doing it, oh my gosh, they're appalled."

She is hoping the traction the situation is getting will force school leaders to crack down on the bullying she says plague Glynn Academy.

"I'm ready to see a change," said Bailey H. "This kid, he was so sweet, and he did not deserve any of this. It's heartbreaking."

Credit: Courtesy of family
Trenton Lehrkamp has been identified as the victim in a hazing incident that has the St. Simons Island community outraged.
Credit: Courtesy of family
Trenton Lehrkamp has been identified as the victim in a hazing incident that has the St. Simons Island community outraged.
Credit: Courtesy of family
Trenton Lehrkamp has been identified as the victim in a hazing incident that has the St. Simons Island community outraged.

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