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Records show only three thefts reported in neighborhood where Brunswick man was killed

Only three 911 calls were classified as thefts by Glynn County Police, according to documents obtained by First Coast News.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — New 911 calls obtained by First Coast News show months-long concern over apparent break-ins in the neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was shot.

The men accused of killing Arbery told police they thought the 25-year-old was burglarizing homes in their suburban Brunswick, Ga. neighborhood.

Investigators have found no evidence of that.

The Feb. 23 police report of Arbery’s death shows four incidents linked to the shooting. Among them are two trespassing calls and one reported auto theft.

“I need to report a stolen pistol,” Travis McMichael told police.

This 911 call was made Jan. 1, McMichael says a gun was stolen out of his truck.

McMichael did not have a suspect description and said his father Greg McMichael moved the truck an hour before he called police.

On Nov. 18, homeowner Larry English reported a man trespassing on his property under construction.

“I called last night and there’s someone back on the property tonight. I talked with Officer Rash and he was off tonight and he said to call it in,” English told dispatchers.

On Nov.17, 2019, when a white couple was seen entering the property, English called 911 as well.

The officer mentioned in the call is a Glynn County Police officer.

Officer Robert Rash told English to contact his neighbor, former investigator Greg McMichael if he had problems with trespassers.

English says nothing was ever stolen from his home.

But on Feb. 23, Arbery’s family attorneys have said that Greg and Travis McMichael thought Arbery was a criminal, despite no evidence he did anything wrong.

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