Harold Kraai, 52, was shot and killed by a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office officer on Saturday, July 7 following a violent outburst at his home.

He called 911 saying he did not want to live anymore.

His mother also called 911 twice. She reported that her son had bashed in her windshield but both she and her husband had driven away from the scene.

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Harold can be heard in the 911 call threatening to kill himself and anyone who walked through his door. He also told 911 operators that he had bashed in the windshield of his mother's car because she was being mean and would not feed him. He tells the 911 operator that he was not taking any medication for his mental illness at the time of the call.

When police arrived, Kraai was sitting on his front porch with a very large knife. He walked toward officers and did not stop when instructed to.

The officer fired multiple times and Kraai died on the way to the hospital. Kraai's mother said that Harold had a history of mental illness and wondered why officers did not use a taser.