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President Clinton Gives Local Program Props In New Book

By Angela WilliamsJACKSONVILLE, FL -- Any time a President of the United States compliments you in his latest book, you know your doing something right. That's the case for one First Coast man.

By Angela WilliamsFirst Coast NewsJACKSONVILLE, FL -- It's a problem plaguing nearly every city in America.Crime reports fill up by the stacks, most cities go on a quest to find an answer.In Jacksonville, one man says his plan works and now he has Presidential approval."It was kind of one of those, 'Oh wow!' moments you know," said Kevin Gay.The moment comes when the 42nd President of the United States puts you in his book. Kevin Gay, head of Ready For Work, wasn't ready for the news when he and his program received some spotlight in President Bill Clinton's new book, "Giving."The book is currently on the New York Times "Best Seller List.""He shares in this book about the Ready for Work initiative and the kind of impact it's having around the country. So it's exciting to see that he picked us and Jacksonville, Florida to write about it," said Gay.The book talks about solving socio-economic problems around the world, spotlighting a handful of people and projects that do it.Gay is recognized for his work on the First Coast and program that's number one goal is to keep ex-cons out of jail.Ready for Work helps them with jobs and education. And with a 95% success rate, you can see why he's getting the Presidential seal of approval."It really brings the focus to Jacksonville and says look in Jacksonville at what we're doing here, taking a national role in leadership is something neat," said Gay.Clinton isn't the first U.S. President to recognize Kevin Gay. In 2003, President George W. Bush invited him to the White House for his achievement of the Ready For Work program.For more information on the Ready For Work program click here or call 904-425-6452.

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