As Hurricane Mathew makes its way through the Panhandle Wednesday, striking photos and videos are surfacing on social media showing the storm's impact.

A tree is uprooted in Panama City.

Michael's strong winds forced a jogger to give up and turn around in Tallahassee.

The sky over Lake City turns a creepy purple after Hurricane Michael passes through.

The International Space Station did a flyover of Hurricane Michael as it made landfall near Mexico Beach earlier this afternoon.

A backyard floods on a bayou in Destin, FL.

Tree limbs and pieces of buildings went flying as the storm closed in on the Florida Panhandle.

Tornado touches down at Lake Brooklyn in Clay County between Keystone Heights and Starke.


Mexico Beach, FL homes become submerged and are no match for Hurricane Michael.

A house is ripped apart in Mexico Beach and debris is sent flying.

Michael completely destroyed the northeast side of a bank in Panama City, FL.

Waters became rough at Navarre Beach.

A look at the inside of the eye of the storm at Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City.

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