Jacksonville, Fla -- The parents of a 19-month-old toddler say a small nickel or quarter sized "button battery" damaged their daughter's throat.

Mother, Courtney Thorne, says Ava Kate put a remote in her mouth and when she did, a button battery fell out. She tried to get the battery out of her daughter's mouth, but she was unsuccessful.

"Thankfully I saw it, performed the finger sweep, realized that it was in there, and I immediately called 911," Courtney said.

The little girl was rushed to the Wolfson's Children's Hospital's emergency room.

"The doctor told us we didn't have much to worry about, that this was no different than having a quarter stuck in her throat," said the father, Cole Parsons.

Now, the parents understand that the button battery was burning the inside of the toddler's esophagus.

X-ray photos, provided to First Coast News by the couple's attorney, show the battery lodged inside of Ava Kate.

The family's attorney says doctors took too long, 4 hours, getting Ava Kate into surgery to remove the battery.

"There is a 2 hour window to get this battery extracted before there's catastrophic burns to wherever the battery is lodged," said attorney Eric Ragatz.

Days before Christmas, the parents want to make sure families know the dangers of something in thousands of household items.

"Its commonly in just about every household, in multiple different devices, from remotes, to Christmas ornaments and cards," Raggatz said.

The family has not formally filed a lawsuit against the hospital. Lawyers say one will be filed within the next week.

Now, the family travels bi-weekly to Boston. A hospital there has a unit that specializes in esophagus burns.

So far, burning from the battery has forced 18 different surgeries to remove scar tissue and keep the esophagus open.

"We don't have any button batteries in the house anymore," Courney said.