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Jacksonville Popeyes without air conditioning for months, workers say

First Coast News contacted corporate offices to resolve the problem. We are awaiting a response.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — First Coast News is On Your Side, working to get answers on why a Jacksonville Popeyes was without air conditioning for months, according to workers.

A concerned customer reached out to First Coast News team about the problem at the restaurant at 10132 San Jose Blvd. when she went to get food and she says she stepped into an extremely hot restaurant on a hot day.

“I said 'it’s really hot in here' so the guy says 'well we don’t have air conditioning', I said 'you don’t have air conditioning'… he says 'we haven’t had air conditioning in months',” said concerned customer Linda Riley.

Riley said she immediately called corporate to complain, but she got nowhere so she called the news.

“When I went there on Monday, people were talking about they weren’t coming back because it was so hot and they said it was short staffed and if people wanted to make an order, they had to go through the drive thru,” said Riley.

Riley said people had to order via drive thru because the restaurant was short staffed after workers refused to show up with no air conditioning.

First Coast News reached out to Popeyes' corporate on Saturday and is waiting to here back. 

“I’m hoping something can be done for these people because this is unacceptable that these people are here working in that tiny place, cooking, no air,” said Riley.

When First Coast News spoke with a store manager about the air, we were told it was back on but they weren’t sure if it was going to work consistently.


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