A pilot was on his second flight without an instructor when he was involved in a deadly plane crash that claimed the lives of both him and his wife, according to a report from the National Transportation Safety Board.

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The preliminary report, released Wednesday by the National Transportation Safety Board, says the airplane's breaks were engaged while the engine was in full throttle during the fatal takeoff on July 26.

A manager said the pilot, David Niblett, and his wife, Kim, both 44, stopped briefly at the airport to get fuel for their plane before departure.

The aircraft stalled at 150 feet above ground level before the left wing spiraled down and crashed, as confirmed by airport security footage. The plane was destroyed and the couple was pronounced dead on the scene by Putnam County Fire Rescue.

A witness believed David was trying to perform a "short field" takeoff, in which the plane takes off from a shorter runway than usual.

During takeoff, the report says the pilot rotated the plane early, the aircraft began to climb "steeper and steeper" and the pilot did not lower the nose of the plane to gain speed.

The accident marked the second flight David took without an instructor.

The report says David had 704.4 hours, equal to 29.3 days, of flight experience and had 15.1 hours of experience flying an aircraft of the same make and model as the plane used in the accident.

David held a private pilot certificate with ratings for airplane single-engine land and instrument airplane. He was also issued a basic medical certificate July 14.