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The pig that was attacked by dogs in Jacksonville now living at a rescue farm

It's a pig-ture perfect ending for the pig now called Duncan.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In September, a pig was attacked by a dog on the northside. Neighbors say there was more than one pig roaming around for hours. 

When Jacksonville Sheriff's Office showed up, they say one pig's injuries were severe and they worried he might have to be put down.

That's when JSO called EPIC Outreach for help.

“Good boy. You are being a good boy!," Jessie Miller, founder of EPIC Outreach, said to Duncan. "Let’s not jump though. Can we sit? Good boy!”

The pig now has a name and a home on the farm. Meet Duncan. Yes, he knows how to sit and loves treats.

Spoiler alert: he survived!

Life on the farm is exactly what it’s cracked up to be for Duncan. The snacks are good and the living is easy after a hard run for the pig earlier this year.

“Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received a call about two pigs running loose in a neighborhood. They responded and when they responded they found Duncan had been attacked by some dogs," Miller explained.

Miller took the injured pig in, but she wasn't sure of his future. The community pitched in to pay for his medical costs.

“After 3 surgeries, he was almost able to heal where you can’t even tell that he was attacked other than him missing his ear which is phenomenal," Miller said. "Amazing. We call it magic.”

Duncan is now hanging out with the dogs on the farm, too. He’s grown to learn that they won't hurt him.

He is missing an ear from the attack. Miller says his other major injuries were under his chin, but it's unnoticeable now. 

At EPIC Outreach Farm, EPIC stands for educating people inspiring compassion.

“Now he’s going to be a great ambassador to talk about kindness (and) compassion," said Miller. 

Duncan one of 40 animals Miller has rescued in 2022. You can schedule a visit to the farm to meet him and the other animals! 

Miller said that Duncan is an agriculture pig that was most likely raised as a pet, due to his social qualities. She said she sees this happen where people get pigs when they are babies and are told that they won't get big.

She reminds people to be responsible for your pets and find them a new home if yours is no longer suitable. Do not release domesticated animals into the wild. 

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