Billy Thornton and Andrew Wells have been together for about a decade and decided to take the next steps in their relationship - marriage. What was supposed to be a joyful occasion went sour after a Name Sake Pictures told the men he will not shoot their nuptials because they're a same-sex couple and that goes against his beliefs.

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"We were inundated with so much love and support and offers from companies all the way from Atlanta to South Florida," Thornton told First Coast News on Thursday. "Andrew and I were humbled with the enormous outpouring of support, not only from photographers offering to do our wedding, but the (On Your Side) story being shared and reaching so many people, helped us to focus on the positive and continue planning our best wedding possible, even after this mild set back."

Thornton said he and Wells have decided to use Kristie Horton Photography and will only be charged taxes.

"Thanks to First Coast News, Facebook, social media and everyone who cared enough to show their support and love," Thornton said.

Billy Thornton
Billy Thornton

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