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New pictures released of Patrick McDowell's tattoos

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office released the pictures following numerous people contacting the sheriff's office asking about them.

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — As the manhunt for Patrick McDowell continues, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office released pictures of the man accused of shooting Deputy Josh Moyers.

McDowell, a 35-year-old former Marine, shot 29-year-old Moyers twice during a traffic stop in the pre-dawn hours of Friday morning, according to the sheriff's office.

Moyers passed away Sunday afternoon at UF Health in Jacksonville, Sheriff Bill Leeper said.

For two days, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office searched a five square mile area in the county where they believe McDowell may be hiding. Several other agencies from around the state have joined in on the search.

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On the third day of the manhunt, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office released three new pictures of McDowell, including two of his prominent tattoos.

In one tattoo, located on what appears to be his lower back just below his neck, McDowell displays 'DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR,' in black ink and in a distinctive font.

Credit: Nassau County Sheriff's Office

Another tattoo takes its inspiration from the Marine Corps seal, which is an eagle perched atop a globe. Within the eagle's beak is a banner reading: 'SEMPER FIDELIS.' Latin for 'Always Faithful,' it is the motto for the Marine Corps.

There are slight differences between the official seal and McDowell's tattoo, most notably the motto written on two banners one above the other rather than one single banner. Another difference is in McDowell's tattoo, the eagle appears to be bowing and its wings do not appear to be not fully stretched.

Credit: Nassau County Sheriff's Office

Below the seal are some non-English characters. 

The third picture is of McDowell's face, which the sheriff's office said they have not released yet. 

The sheriff's office said they released the pictures after numerous people contacting them asking about his tattoos.

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