A Duval County Public Schools spokesperson has confirmed that Baldwin Middle-Senior High School was vandalized overnight Thursday.

The incident was reportedly a part of the senior prank.

DCPS spokesperson said that people trespassed onto school grounds and caused damage to parts of the school.

The exact damage or costs associated with the damage was not been released, according to DCPS.

DCPS said that those involved in the incident will face DCPS discipline.

School staff along with students spent the day cleaning up the school, DCPS said.

The following message was sent to parents by the principal regarding this incident:

Dear Baldwin Middle-Senior High Family,

I want to make you aware that you may see several news reports this evening about a senior-class prank gone awry at our school. I am disappointed that with all of the great things happening at our school, this is the incident that will be spotlighted in the community. I am also deeply disappointed in the actions of those who took part in this incident. We are in the process of investigating and have been in contact with several students and their families, and appropriate action is taking place. This incident does not accurately reflect the students at Baldwin Middle-High. What I believe does reflect who we are as a school community are the more than 40 senior-class members who immediately came to the school yesterday evening when they heard about what happened and assisted in the clean-up. Their actions truly represent the pride and the unity we all share as a school community.

Once again, I appreciate your support and your continued partnership as we work to make Baldwin Middle-High school an amazing place for our students to learn and thrive.


Denise Hall