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Need FREE dental work in Jax? How Jessica got out of pain during this awful pandemic

Jessica had never heard of "The Apple Project," officially known at CHO, Community Health Outreach. She had no job. No insurance. But she got free help.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Need a dentist? Can't afford it right now? Check this out.

Jessica Meyers lost her job as a server. Then she got stuck in that unemployment maze.

No job. No tips. No income. 

And no insurance. 

So when her wisdom teeth set off terrible pain, she was up a creek.

"I lost a lot of weight," she says. And that wasn't a good thing. It was because she could barely chew one bite at a time. 

But pay a dental bill between $1200 and $1500? No way. 

Then she reached out to First Coast News and got her entire dental bill paid and her impacted wisdom teeth taken out.  


Jessica applied for help to CHO, Community Health Outreach. CHO is a non-profit, which runs a dental clinic on Timuquana Road in Jacksonville.

Back in 2015, First Coast News, CHO, Delores and Wayne Weaver and the Haskell Design and Construction Company worked to build the dental clinic. People in the community poured out their generosity to help us raise almost a million dollars.

We call it The Apple Project because, like Jessica, when your teeth hurt like crazy, you'd love to just bite into an apple again.

Meredith Smith is Executive Director of CHO. She says for the dental clinic, "There's no waiting list now."

So who can qualify for free dental care?

1) You've lost your job, you're seeking employment, but you have no insurance.


2) You're employed, but your household income, according to federal guidelines, is in the very low range. CHO can help you determine if you fit the criteria.

How to apply?

Fill out an application online at chojax.net.

Or call CHO at 904-573-1333.

CHO is non-profit and runs with volunteer dentists and other health care professionals. Not every dental procedure is available.  

The Apple Project clinic -- CHO --- is located at 5126 Timuquana Rd., Jacksonville, FL  32210.

Jessica is back at the table enjoying food and living life without pain. "I am extremely grateful," she says.

Another key point -- If you have the financial means to help support the clinic, please reach out to Smith or the staff. They need donations.


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