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'It felt kinda like a cashew': Callahan woman finds her own breast cancer doing Buddy Check

Cheryl Hill is a survivor because she did a self exam.

CALLAHAN, Fla. — Cheryl Hill says she followed Buddy Check 12 on TV for years, but she admits she didn't always do her self exam.

However, on Buddy Check Day, Oct. 12, 2020, she says something came over her to check.

 "I was watching TV and hearing about Buddy Check ....and I don't know why, but I put my hand right here."  

"Right here" was an area of her breast called the upper, outer quadrant, almost under her arm.

Dr. Cynthia Anderson, a breast cancer expert at Baptist/MD Anderson, says that is "the most common" area where breast cancer occurs.

Anderson says Hill did such a good job finding her own lump that her prognosis is excellent. Anderson puts her odds of beating breast cancer at over 90%.

Hill's husband of more than 50 years, Steve Hill, served in the United States Navy. They got married when he was a young sailor.  

She says they met where she was doing waitress work and they "were engaged in five days."

Credit: Baptist/MD Anderson

Now Hill says about his wife, "I love her."  Simple but incredibly important statement.  

He's glad she did Buddy Check and urges all men to "get involved" for their own wives or mothers or daughters' sake.

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