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Separated from people you love? Missing those hugs? Don't forget that one key call for that Buddy Check

It's so easy to totally focus on COVID-19. But breast cancer didn't just vanish during this pandemic.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Here's what you do not want.  

You work hard socially distancing yourself. You wash your hands until your skin falls off. You even wipe that Amazon box with Clorox wipes.

But you're so busy now you just ditch that Buddy Check. No self-exam. No call to your Buddy to remind her. Maybe you even let your mammogram appointment go.

Don't do that. Ignoring the monster won't make it go away. Breast cancer, however, doesn't always have to be such a monster.

If you catch it early, you have a better than 96% of beating it.

First Coast News anchor Jeannie Blaylock shares her personal journey from down below a sixth-floor window, where her mom, her Buddy, is isolated in her senior facility.

If you want a free Buddy Check kit, with a waterproof shower card showing how to do a self-exam, just call Baptist Health at 904-202-CARE. You'll receive the kit by mail at no charge.

If Buddy Check has helped find your breast cancer, Jeannie would love to chat with you. Her email is jblaylock@firstcoastnews.com