First Coast News is happy to give out free buddy check heart pillows to anyone struggling with a medical condition.

The pillows are completely free! Here's how you can snag one for yourself or your loved one.

· They come in sets of two, large and small. They are wonderful for comfort. And they offer padding under seat belts.

· We offer them for people living anywhere and struggling with any medical condition.

· Originally, they were designed for breast cancer surgery patients. Jeannie saw the idea in Holland when she was overseas teaching about Buddy Check 12 -- our project with Baptist to help women catch breast cancer early.

To get a free pillow, please email Jeannie Blaylock at

Please include:

1. Name of the recipient

2. Mailing address for the pillows

3. Anything you’d like us to know about the person dealing with cancer (Why she’s your hero! How you are fighting hard yourself! We welcome photos, too.)

4. Is there a favorite color?

The Buddy Check pillows come from the talented and loving hands at Calico Station on Wells Road in Orange Park.

One last thing --- please send Jeannie a photo of the recipient enjoying the pillows. That’s a marvelous way to thank our volunteers and remind others in our community they’re available at no charge.