JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Al Stallings found a lump in his chest that felt like a hard, metal screw.

His son, AJ, noticed a brownish red stain on his white t-shirt.

Both men had breast cancer.

Now Al is singing a song he wrote to get the message out. 

It's not shameful. It happens. Men get breast cancer, too.

Al celebrating his new Buddy Check song with FCN's Jeannie Blaylock, founder of the program

Al says he is loyal to First Coast News' Buddy Check program. Founder Jeannie Blaylock encourages women and men to do self-exams and get mammograms.

The non-profit program offers free Buddy Check kits. Just call Baptist Health at 904-202-CARE. Baptist and FCN are partners for Buddy Check 12.

Al says a team helped work on creating the new song, there was Kenneth Ford, Beck-Row Studio, Donald Martin, Jr. and Al himself from SVA, Smooth Vocal Arrangements.