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Buddy Bus will be at two home Jaguars games in October | Wife of head coach invites women to come get their mammograms

Jeannie Pederson has a passion for helping women take care of themselves. As a nurse, she understands how important it is to catch breast cancer early.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — "I love it!" Jeannie Pederson, wife of Jaguars' head coach Doug Pederson, says. She's new to town, but she's heard all about the Buddy Bus, the new mobile mammography unit.

Pederson, who's spent years as a nurse helping women take care of themselves, understands how critical it is to catch breast cancer early.

This season the Buddy Bus will be at two Jaguar home games. The first is Sunday, Oct. 9, and the second is Sunday, Oct. 23.  The Buddy Bus will be parked near Gate 4, right outside the stadium.

The Buddy Bus, a project of First Coast News and Baptist/MD Anderson, offers the latest 3D mammogram technology.

"What a wonderful opportunity," Pederson says.  Women can get their mammogram in about 15 minutes and then go cheer on the Jaguars.

You need to register before the game. CLICK HERE to register

After Sunday's game , you can register for the Oct. 23 game, if that works better for your schedule.

You do need a ticket to the game to get a spot on the Buddy Bus. 

Pederson says she's had three close friends who've gotten breast cancer, but "they all caught it early."  

Credit: The Buddy Bus, mobile mammography unit - Baptist/MD Anderson & First Coast News

She says women tend to take care of everyone else and "neglect to" get that yearly mammogram.  But think of yourself.  Take care of yourself.  That way you can take good care of those around you, she says. 

And if you're a bit nervous about getting that mammogram, Pederson can relate to you.  "I have to admit I was terrified the first time, and I'm a nurse. My first thought was, 'That wasn't that bad at all.' And when you do it every year, it becomes routine." 

And remember, as Pederson points out, a mammogram can detect a cancer so early, so localized, that "you have a 99% survival rate." 

If you want to the Buddy Bus to come to your office or your group, go to baptistjax.com/buddy.  The Buddy Bus is available all year around, not just in October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

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