JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- I will never forget what she said. Never. And I hope you glue this into your mind, as well.

The lady who said it is Deirdre Pryor Jones. She's followed Buddy Check since we began 25 years ago.

Her loyalty paid off. She kept checking and checking. Self-exams. More self-exams.

And then she found a lump that felt like a gum wrapper wadded up. "It was hard," she says. It was on the underside of her breast. (Ladies, you know. That spot where we sweat in the summer heat!)

I met Dee at McKesson's office building off JTB. She was cheerful and passionate about spreading the word that Buddy Check can save your life.

She stood up and told the audience, as she referred to her breasts, "Get up. Get in the shower. Check yourself. They're your best friends until they try to kill you."

Dee, we love you! So glad you checked. Thanks for laying it on the line for all of us.

If you'd like a free Buddy Check kit with a reminder card for your shower, just call our Buddy Check partner, Baptist, at 904-202-CARE. We will mail you a kit at no charge.

If Buddy Check helped you find your breast cancer, please email FCN anchor Jeannie Blaylock. Her email is: jblaylock@firstcoastnews.com