YULEE, Fla. -- Yulee Primary School has almost 900 kids that need to get home safely each and every day and on the first day of school, that can be anything but easy.

"With our sheer size, we had to try and streamline things," said Assistant Principal Amber Bovinette.

She's one of the few people who helped come up with the labeling system. Here's how it works: When a child gets off the bus, the driver puts this label on him or her. It helps make sure the child is on the same bus on the way to school and the way home.

"There's so many kids at this school so when they get off the bus - especially all the little kindergarteners wondering where to go, so I think this is wonderful," said parent Allison Walker.

Walker has three kids in the district. She picks up her little kid from kindergarten. She said with this system place, she might be okay with having her child get on the bus.

"Maybe, I guess -- I might think about it -- since they have a new system," she said.

School leaders told me the new system isn't foolproof. There are still kids that get on the wrong bus or end up at the wrong spot. But Walker said just the simple label with a number on it makes parents rest a little easier in the middle of the afternoon.

"Cause you're always worried when they get off the bus or when they're leaving are they gonna get on the right bus -- this would be great," Walker said.