With kid gearing up to go back to school First Coast News has compiled a list of things students should not bring to the classroom.


Students should not use cameras (digital, video, cell phone cameras, etc.) to capture images or videos on school property or at a school-sponsored event, except under the following conditions:

If students possess a wireless communication device, it must be turned off and kept out-of-sight
inside a pocket, book bag, purse, or similar container, unless authorized by the Principal/designee
or teacher.


Possession, reproduction, use and/or distribution of a facsimile of a drug, alcohol, or tobacco product. This includes substances which are not a drug, but can be used as a drug.

Possession, purchase, or use of alcoholic beverages. Use means the person is caught in the act of using,
admits to use or is discovered to have used in the course of an investigation.


There are no policies in place when it comes to fidget spinners, though it's important to get in contact with your student's teacher to find out their policy within the classroom.


Unusually large backpack, rolling bags (except in the event of a medical necessity) or bags with any inappropriate pictures or writing