JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — With mom in one hand and dad in the other, kindergartner Marshall Wood begins his first day of school at Hendricks Avenue Elementary.

It is an exciting moment for his parents since he is their first child to send off to school.

"He is a little nervous, but he is going to do fine. He makes friends really easy, so I know he will do great his first day," said Kelly Wood, Marshall's mom.

The first day of class is a day full of making new friends and seeing your old ones!

"My friends from my old school are going to be in my classroom and their names are Addison and Bebe," said a very excited Avery as she waits to go into her kindergarten class.

Avery's parents say she was so excited about the first day, she couldn't even sleep last night.

"She wasn't too nervous about school," Avery's father said.

Before the students could get to class, a lot of pictures had to be taken by their parents! Of course, the new students were all excited to show off their new gear.

"I even got my new backpack with rainbows and butterflies," Avery said.

For parents though it is a bittersweet day and they too had to hold back the tears.

"I felt myself tearing up just a few seconds ago, but I will wait until she is ok and then go in the car and cry," said Latoya as she drops her daughter, Brianna, off at class.

For now, it is off to class for the kids and parents will just have to wait to hear all about their little one's first day!

"I can't wait til the end of the day," Avery's mom said. "So she can tell me all about it!"