An Orange Park medical marijuana dispensary is closed after a Tuesday night raid by local law enforcement.

Orange Park police claim the medical marijuana dispensary was operating illegally inside the town of Orange Park. The Town of Orange Park's Police Chief Gary Goble says the store has been operating without a license selling marijuana to people without a prescription.

"We did an investigation to see if what they were selling was in fact medical marijuana," he says. "We sent an undercover officer in who purchased a half-dozen baked brownies. They tested it and it in fact had THC. They got a search warrant and raided the place last night."

He says you can't sell products that contain THC over the counter.

"You are basically just dealing cannabis," Goble says. "You can't do that."

Goble also says the store was operating on Kingsley Avenue within 100 yards of his office.

The Florida Department of Health says that Cannabidoil has to be less than point-08 percent by volune of THC and only licensed distributors can sell it. CBD is extracted and separate from the cannabis plant.

"I hope people realize they can't just open dispensaries," Goble explains. "There are laws in place."

First Coast News attempted to reach the owners multiple times, but couldn't get in touch with them. No arrests have been made in the case.

"Obviously," he says, "they didn't do their homework and didn't understand what the laws were before they opened their business."