ID=7678745JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sunday marked the final day of One Spark 2014 in Jacksonville, but you wouldn't know it based on the crowds.

Thousands of people packed Hemming Plaza and The Landing to check out all the creations and innovations, and cast a vote for the projects that truly caught their eyes.

At stake? Hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.

"Today, I'm going around to try and get every single vendor to vote for us," creator Matthew Killen told First Coast News.

First time creators, like Rob Schroer, were hitting the streets to make last minute pitches to drum up additional votes.

"We've gotten so many smiles. We're powered by smiles this year, so we're all powered up," said Schroer, whose brainchild is the Boneshakered Bigwheel, a giant bicycle made of wooden joints.

Others, like Shaun Thurston -- the man behind Project Atrium at the Museum of Contemporary Art -- let their work do the talking.

All of them were hoping their creations would earn them a share of more than $300,000 up for grabs at the crowd-funding festival.

"I'd like to get $10,000," Schroer told FCN.

Joe Sampson, executive director for One Spark, said at least 85,000 people made it downtown Saturday, while total attendance shattered organizers' goal of 150,000.

The final count is still being tallied, Sampson said Sunday.

Some festival-goers turned out for the gorgeous weather, some for the food and drink, and others just came out to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere downtown.

"It's just electrifying," said Shawn Fisher, half of the folk-singing duo Flagship Romance. "...It's so wonderful to see the community come together. For us, it's more than just the votes; it's getting to meet people and make connections that we otherwise wouldn't get to make."

"And it's in our backyard, so what could be better than that?" Fisher said.

After seeing the huge turnout this year, on the heels of last year's success, all of the people FCN spoke with said they can't wait to see what next year brings.

"I wish they did it all the time, just like we did with Art Walk," festival-goer Hunter Prescott said.

Closing Ceremony

When all the votes were tallied, the count totaled more than 120,000.

Theater on a Mission was the top vote getter.

FCN's One Spark top 5: Introducing 'Theater on a Mission'

All of the winners will be posted after the Closing Ceremonies have concluded.


-Art - #Project Atrium

-Innovation - The Meatrix System Meat Analyzer

-Music - Sidereal 2014 Takeover

-Science - Neuroinitiative - Inside the Neuron!

-Technology - Partpic: Visual Recognition for Replacement Parts



1. Theatre On A Mission - $11,930.15 -1,167 votes

2. Boneshakered Bigwheel - $1,852.42 - 1,120 votes

3. #Project Atrium - $1,766.41 - 1,068 votes


1. The Snyder Memorial Building Renovation - $13,772.65 - 2,281 votes

2. Farm to Truck - $2,337.02 - 1,413 votes

3. Fur-Ever Home Fund - $2,184.86 - 1,321 votes


1. Grandpa's Cough Medicine - $11,309.92 - 792 votes

2. Cyrious Exposure - $714.50 - 432 votes

3. A New Sound for the First Coast! - $640.08 - 387 votes


1. AquaJax - $13,794.15 - 2,294 votes

2. St. Augustine Aquarium - $1,467.05 - 887 votes

3. Down to Earth Farm - $1,172.65 - 709 votes


1. - $11,149.49 - 695 votes

2. WaZINIT - $980.79 - 593 votes

3. LiveSMART and Green Spark Mobile - $868.32 - 525 votes

CLICK HERE for more information on the winners