ORANGE PARK, Fla. — At Urban Bean in Orange Park, known for its coffee and bagel sandwiches, On Your Side's Ken Amaro met with citizens to hear their concerns.

One concern came from consultant Lawrence Weur.

"One thing that is freaking crazy is the number of food deserts," he said.

Weur, who recently relocated to Jacksonville, expressed concerns about the lack of supermarkets West of Interstate 295 and Interstate 10.    

"Not a single grocery store," said Weur. "You've got people who don't have cars. Where do they get their foods?"

We also met Optometrist Jacob Hodges, who wants to know why more people are not proud of where they live.

"I'd like to see more civic pride," he said. "We have an amazing city with so much to offer."

We heard about civic pride and civic involvement. 

Larry Roberts is excited about the Emerald Trail and what groundwork Jacksonville is doing 

"You are connecting these neighborhoods that have been separated," he said. "These pathways, these walkways will help rejoin those sections."

Ronald Thomas and Lynette Thomas told us about their home improvement woes.

"I want my kitchen done correctly," said Lynette Thomas."Help us out because he doesn't want to work with us."

It is an issue On Your Side will investigate in the days ahead.

Ken Radwanski expressed his disappointed with the defunct Clay Transit. He said it has had a significant impact on the seniors who used it.

"It is not fair, it is not right," he said. "There's a lot of people out there, like myself, and they can't walk that far."

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority has been hired to continue the service, but it is not being done at the same level as before.