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Now Hiring: Tips on finding a job, getting what you want

Alexa Shoen says you need to be strategic in your job hunt. Don't apply for every single job that is open. Be clear on what kind of job you want.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Every Tuesday and Friday, First Coast News Anchor Anthony Austin is trying to help you find a job, especially if you've been laid-off due to the coronavirus pandemic. He has some advice from an expert on how to find a job and use the skills you have. 

"The number one thing that I see job seekers do wrong is that they panic," Alexa Shoen explained.  

If you've found yourself suddenly out of work, Alexa Shoen says you need to keep calm. Shoen is the author of #Entrylevelboss and is an expert on finding a job and doing it wisely.  

"I always say there is really only two reasons that people get hired," Shoen said. "They're either going to save somebody some time or make somebody some money."

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Shoen says you need to be strategic in your job hunt. Don't apply for every single job that is open. Be clear on what kind of job you want, where you want to get hired, and how your skills can help a company grow. Know your worth. 

Don't be afraid to ask for more money, but Shoen says you shouldn't expect it either. 

"If you can prove how you can be valuable then you have leverage in the conversation about salary," Shoen said. "People who understand how they are affecting a companies ability to succeed, especially in a potential recession, they're going to have that much more of an argument to stand on about whether or not they can be paid more."

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Also, now is a great time for virtual networking. You can reach out to potential employers on social media or through email.  But, before you do that, know what you want and be prepared to answer questions. 

"The key thing with networking, and this is true whether it's in person or not, is you have to figure out what you want from somebody before you go and introduce yourself," Shoen said.

Current Job Openings on the First Coast:

North Florida Irrigation Equipment is seeking a full-time delivery driver and warehouse associate to add to the team. You can send you resume to Nicole.Mosteiro@nfie.net.  Serious inquires only. 

Florida Blue is looking for Product Consultants and Product Specialists. These jobs require experience with related Bachelor's degrees or additional related equivalent work experience. 

The CTS Group has an opening listed for an Entry Level Customer Service Representative. According to the job posting, it pays between $36,500 and $54,600 a year. You can apply by clicking here