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Northwest Jacksonville residents concerned about potential flooding from Hurricane Elsa

A Moncrief man paid $20,000 out of pocket when his home along Ken Knight Drive filled with water.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Northwest Jacksonville is an area prone to flooding and the damage that comes along with it. 

A Moncrief man paid $20,000 out of pocket when his home along Ken Knight Drive filled with water. He's still making repairs years later in the two-bedroom home he shares with his son. 

Water completely blocked Ken Knight Drive Friday just from rain that day. It filled the entire street and went into part of Charles Reese Park. This has many people who live there worried about what could possibly happen next week from Hurricane Elsa. 

William Faison, Sr. is no stranger to what mother nature can do. 

"The walls and everything are still messed up," he said. 

Faison shelled out tens of thousands of dollars for repairs in his living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. 

"I've got brand new floors," Faison said. "The bathroom had water leaks. We just tore everything up."

He still has sandbags to protect the back of his house after losing many valuables. 

“I lost antique cabinets and all kinds of stuff, antique bedrooms, furniture and stuff," Faison said. "I lost all of that.”

The Ribault River runs along Ken Knight Drive. The neighborhood was one of the hardest impacted during Hurricane Irma. 

“You can’t predict God’s weather," Faison said. "People around here in this neighborhood, be prepared.”

The City of Jacksonville has a plan to spend $5 million to buy out homeowners and clear the land as a floodplain.

Faison knows what he'll do if Hurricane Elsa hits Jacksonville. 

“I got me a reservation at a motel," he said. 

Faison said he learned his lesson and now has flood insurance.

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