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Norovirus case confirmed in St. Johns County School District after hundreds of students fell ill

The finding comes days after hundreds of students missed classes last week, their absences attributed to a gastrointestinal illness.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A case of Norovirus was confirmed in the St. Johns County school district days after more than a thousand students were absent due to sickness, according to a spokesperson with the district.

A letter sent to parents of Creekside High School students Wednesday said attendance and checkouts were back to normal after about 1,600 students were absent Friday. 

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The letter said the Health Department confirmed a case of Norovirus in the afternoon and that the school is in the process of being disinfected. A phenolic disinfect is being used to wipe down door handles, desktops and any surfaces students and teachers are likely to come in contact with. A fogger was also used in classrooms over the weekend and will be used again during the week, the letter said. 

The full email to parents can be read below:

"Today’s attendance and checkouts were back to normal. This is just an update that this afternoon the Health Department did confirm a case of Norovirus and we have attached a Norovirus Frequently Asked Questions document for you if needed. Staff has used and will continue to use a phenolic-based disinfectant to wipe down surfaces that students and staff would typically come into contact with such as door handles, desktops, etc. We have also used an electrostatic sprayer (Fogger) inside classroom spaces last weekend and are doing this again this week. This machine utilizes a chlorinated-based disinfectant. Both products are designed to kill Norovirus, Flu, MRSA, GRSA, HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C, Rhinovirus, etc. The fog-based disinfectant is also a food-grade sanitizer and non-toxic."

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