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Nonprofit raises awareness by having trash and recycle themed prom

The founder of the organization says the whole initiative is called “trashion".

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. — In honor of Earth Day, an educational and awareness nonprofit called Beaches Go Green held a unique yet very creative prom for their club members from Ponte Vedra and Nease High School.

The event was a trash and recycle-themed party.

“Lots of people’s proms were canceled this year and beaches go green wanted to throw a great event that really raised awareness while also including fun, including all those aspects that teenagers love," said Hope Daughtery, senior at Ponte Vedra high school. 

The founder of the organization says the purpose of the event is to create awareness about the impact of “fast fashion” and how our everyday waste is affecting the planet.

“We encourage students to use an outfit they already had or else thrift one and add trash or recycling. Like I did here. really it’s all about turning trash into fashion," said Anne Marie Moquin. 

Moquin says the whole initiative Is called “trashion”.

“I currently have toilet paper wrapper for my corsage, I have single-use masks for my top and cut up pool noodles for the rest of me and my back," said Moquin. 

Moquin says this is a celebration of the youth members for educating others in the community.

"I know earth day is a big deal for a lot of people but we think earth day should be every day. So if you can consider your habits and make small changes for the better. we think that’s the way to go," said Moquin. 


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