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Residents dealing with no power, no water at America’s Best Inn

A JEA spokesperson says the previous property owner at America’s Best Inn requested that JEA disconnected all services.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It’s been nearly 48 hours since guests at America’s Best Inn have had any electrical power.

“We’re not able to get any refunds, I'm kind of stranded out here me and my family with my son. This is not a good living condition for my son," said guest  Jonathan Bolton. 

Some say they don’t have anywhere else to go, while others, like Bolton, just want a proper eviction notice.

“We maintain our bills, we maintain when somebody came from under us and pulled the rug, so I'm just asking for honest justice,” said Bolton. 

Jermaine Washington, former employee at America’s Best Inn, says about 80 people are still living at this motel.

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“We have people out here with oxygen, we have newborn babies, we have a baby with a skin condition and with him in heat he has goosebumps on him right now," said Washington. 

“We’re all good people, but you put the best of people in the worst situations, and you are going to have a bad outcome," said Bolton. 

The city told First Coast News they will cite the property owner if they don’t turn the power back on.

JEA sent First Coast News statement saying:

JEA  is working to provide assistance to the motel residents and ensure their safety. We have contacted local homeless shelters and the City of Jacksonville seeking housing assistance and resources for the residents.

JEA also is working with the new owner of the property to establish reconnection of electric services.

JEA disconnected electric and water service on May 18, following a request by an authorized representative of the previous tenant.

Residents at the America’s Best Inn who have secured permanent housing may contact the City of Jacksonville’s Social Services Division for assistance: (904) 255-3341.

America Best Inn residents facing eviction may call (904) 421-5155 to secure temporary shelter services through City Rescue Mission.

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