A Jacksonville brewery is barking mad about a letter it received this week from the Florida Department of Health-Duval.

No dogs allowed.

Green Room Brewing posted the letter on its Facebook page and patrons aren't happy either.

The post states: "We hate to bring this news to our friends and customers but the Florida Department of Health has decided that beer is food so dogs are not allowed in breweries including ours. We vehemently disagree with this decision and ask for your help in letting both the department of Health and your State Representative know that people care about this situation and demand they change their decision or change the law!!!"

The brewery has started a petition on Change.org urging patrons to call their state representatives and Duval County Health Department to adopt dog-friendly laws for wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

The Aug. 13 letter from the health department to local breweries states:

"It has come to the attention of the Florida Department of Health-Duval, some facilities are allowing animals inside the bar area. Per Florida Administrative Code, 64E-11.008 (8) Live birds and animals - "No live birds or animals except for crustacea, shellfish and fish in aquariums shall be allowed in a food service establishment, in vehicles used for transporting food or in any other area or facility used to conduct food service operation; except as provided under Section 413.08 F.S.

Although Bars under the Department of Health do not have tradition food service, 64E-11 defines food as any raw, cooked, or processed edible substance, ice beverage or ingredient used or intended for use in whole, or in part, for human consumption.

Animals may be present outside the bar, on a patio or similar area."