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Newly painted crosswalks used to deter speeding in Springfield neighborhood

Neighbors and businesses in the area believe the artwork helps drivers slow down.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Springfield neighborhood came up with a plan deter drivers from speeding. It is something organizers have been working on for years.

People who live in the area believe they're seeing some progress with the help of newly painted crosswalks. The design is colorful and was painted by a local artist. 

Will Mosley has called the Springfield area home for nearly a decade. In the neighborhood, one will come across people walking their dogs or riding a bike. Mosley can be seen jogging around the area. 

"One thing that upsets at lot of people in this neighborhood is people speeding around here," Mosley mentioned. 

Their frustration especially applies to areas that are considered "high traffic," for example, the intersection of 3rd and Market Street. 

Springfield Preservation and Revitalization (SPAR) is the organization that collaborated with the city's traffic engineering office. 

For Kelly Rich of SPAR, the goal is to make the neighborhood "more pedestrian friendly." She added how it took years to make it happen, but neighbors believe its making a difference. Bu

sinesses and people who live near the "high traffic" intersection told SPAR its noticed a drivers are slowing down. 

"Visually it [the painted crosswalks] narrows the street," Rich explained. "It slows drivers down, it impacts an important intersection and it increased visibility for the intersection." 

This is the third painted crosswalk in the community. SPAR encourages residents to reach out to the traffic engineer's office if one wants something similar for their neighborhood. 


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