PALATKA, Fla. -- From port commerce to crabbing. From wildlife to life on the wild side. The rivers, springs, and lakes add to life in Florida, but they also take whatever we put in them.

Margaret Guyette with the St. Johns River Water Management District has helped create a way for you to know more about what's in the waterways near you.

"We call it our status and trends report," she said.

The site is a map of Florida with the water management district's 18 counties. You can look up surface water, groundwater and springs.

"If you want to know what's going on in your neighborhood, there's an address box," Guyette said. "You can type in your address and zoom in to find water quality stations near your house."

The data comes from hundreds of water quality stations around the district.

"And then you can explore to see what's going on with phosphorus and nitrogen or water temperature," Guyette said. Those are just some of the water quality conditions you can learn from the site.

The map is even showing staff different trends as well, such as decreasing total nitrogen levels in the St. Johns River for the past 15 years.

"We're able to clearly see these patterns jumping out at us," Guyette said.

Christine Mundy, who also works for the district, said, "We collect over 8 million different measurements in any given year."

And this mapping tool uses that data. Mundy said the tool was technically free.

"We already had the software in place and we just used it in a new way to develop this tool for the public," she said.

"Hopefully it gets people asking questions and exploring a bit more, in not just their local area but the district as a whole," Guyette said.