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Neptune Beach Senior Activity Center offering activities to seniors after nearly 3 years of closure

The future of the Neptune Beach Senior Activity Center is bright. On February 1st, seniors will finally get to enjoy its amenities for the first time since 2020.

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. — Nearly three years since its doors closed, the future of the Neptune Beach Senior Activity Center is looking bright. 

On Feb. 1, seniors will finally get to enjoy its amenities for the first time since 2020, even if it's not at the center's permanent location.

"I'm excited to be back together again," Neptune Beach resident Paulette Adler said.

Neptune Beach city officials are finally taking the long-awaited steps to reopen the doors weeks after the city commission voted to fire Neptune Beach City Manager Stefen Wynn, accusing him of neglecting the senior center project and other duties of his position. The center will temporarily live at Jarboe Park until construction at its new facility is finished. 

"Better this than nothing, we're just excited to have it," Atlantic Beach residents Katie and Jerry Redfield said. 

The Senior Center's permanent location on Forest Avenue cannot be used until an ADA accessible ramp is professionally built. When asked if Wynn's actions have delayed construction, Neptune Beach Mayor Elaine Brown blamed the delay on cost. 

"It really was something that some of it could not be avoided, and the cost of everything was going up, even the supply chain," Brown said. 

While the city works on the Forest Avenue building, Executive Director Leslie Lyne says there are plenty of activities planned for all seniors to enjoy at Neptune House. 

"We've got times where people can just come in and have coffee and visit together. We've got all kinds of fitness classes scheduled, we've got games, cards, and a movie that's served with popcorn, candy, and a soft drink for $5," Lyne said. 

These are activities Neptune Beach resident Robert Hicks says he and so many others have been waiting nearly three years to do again.  

"Everybody's going to become a senior someday and things just work better for you when you have a place to go, people to meet, talk to and interact with," he noted. 

City officials hope that the ADA accessible ramp needed at the Forest Avenue building will be built in the next few months, but for now, seniors can enjoy all activities at Jarboe Park's Neptune House starting Wednesday at 9 a.m.

The full list of the first week of activities can be found here

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