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Tank the comfort dog lends helping paw during manhunt for Patrick McDowell

The 105-pound Bernese Mountain Dog also helped people during the procession for NCSO Deputy Joshua Moyers and will be at his funeral.

YULEE, Fla. — The Nassau County Sheriff's Office got Tank, a comfort dog, about three months ago. 

Tank is a two-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. So far, he been busy lending a helping paw to hundreds of people during the manhunt for Patrick McDowell. He's now comforting those grieving the loss of Deputy Joshua Moyers. 

He's 105 pounds of fluff and fur with an important mission during the search for McDowell.

"Their whole attitude changed as soon as they saw Tank," said Captain Kay Lynn Crews, with the Nassau County Sheriff's Office. "You could see them relax. You could see them smile. You could see them want to approach him and get the loving everybody wants to get from Tank," 

Tank and his handler spent time inside the command center in Callahan during the search.

"Instead of focusing on, 'What's my next move as an individual officer?' I can come in the command center. I can hydrate. I can rest, and oh look! There's a wonderful dog I can pet and pay attention to," Crews said.

Tank helped to comfort about 200 law enforcement officers during the manhunt for McDowell, and his work is just beginning.

He also helped people during Deputy Moyers' procession, including an officer in emotional distress.

"Tank made his way through those people, went to the officer, and immediately sat down," Crews said. "The officer immediately smiled and said, 'Hey, man. You know I needed you.'"

Tank comforted the family of Moyers Wednesday morning and will be at his funeral this Saturday.