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East Point neighborhood really wants to know, ‘How You Doing?’

During shelter-in-place, Jefferson Park goes the extra mile to lift the spirits of its residents.

EAST POINT, Ga. — It’s been nearly two weeks since the city of East Point enacted a 14-day ’shelter-in-place’ ordinance in response to the rising concern over the local impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a result of the ‘stay-at-home’ order, all public schools were closed and a vast majority of workers were instructed to work from home. Add in the abundantly cautious, 6-ft barrier of personal space required by social distancing and you’ve got yourself a recipe for cabin fever.

One particular East Point community located in Ward-B, well-known for its close-knit residents and social engagements, decided to do something to lessen that fever a bit.

Welcome to Jefferson Park.

Although for the past couple of weeks, it has seemed more like Jurassic Park with the increasing reports of dinosaurs roaming the streets. What started out a simple good-hearted method of helping to lift the spirits of its residents quickly became the “How You Doing Tour.”

What started out as one dinosaur, quickly became two. Affectionately referred to as ‘Coronasaurus Rex,’ the giant, yet friendly dinosaurs are in real life, Jefferson Park residents Lori and Ed Kirby.

‘Coronasaurus’ wrangler and tour guide, Charlotte Cagle along with husband, Mark, have been a part of the “How You Doing Tour” since its inception. As word spread through the JP community, more residents wanted to take part in the impromptu good-will tour.

Cagle had this to share with My East Point News about the evolution of the tour, “Y’know, it started out with one T-Rex and a couple of neighbors. It has built into more people wanting to wear costumes and come out and raise people’s spirits.“

Pretty soon, the tour was joined by the Easter Bunny and its assistant, JP residents, Sharon Price and Jennifer Schrober Cobb, respectively. The most recent tour even included Kelli D. Covington as a…Hot Dog. Yes, a hot dog.

Credit: Jefferson Park Easter Bunny and assistant, Sharon Price and Jennifer Schrober Cobb, respectively.

As the “How You Doing Tour” weaved its way through the streets of Jefferson Park, both young and old alike, stood and waved from their yards and porches, even pausing to snap photos as the tour passed by.

“We're always quite the community-minded group of folks over here in Jefferson Park,” states Cagle.

“We want to make sure our neighbors are doing well, they have what they need, and also got to get a little bit more connected to the outside world since everyone's really sheltering in place at this time.”

Cagle also went on to mention that she has found the whole experience quite ‘moving’ at times and has looked forward to spreading some positive energy with her neighbors.

Unfortunately, after Governor Kemp proclamation for a statewide ’shelter-in-place’  on Wednesday, April 1, Cagle shared on Facebook that the “How You Doing Tour” will be on a hiatus until further notice.

She left this message for her fellow Jefferson Parkers:

‘Thank you, neighbors, for your warm and fabulous greetings each time our paths cross. Happy trails to you, until we meet again!’

For more information about Jefferson Park and its upcoming events, visit the JPNA website.

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