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'More people in the ER with serious, avoidable injuries:' Proposed bill could raise the age of golf cart drivers in Florida

Violation of the law would be a noncriminal traffic infraction.

ST JOHNS, Fla. — The age to drive a golf cart could be going up in Florida if the House bill filed Monday passes. 

Currently, golf carts can be driven by anyone 14-years-old or older. This bill proposes the age be raised to 16-years-old.  

"I think it should stay at 14," said Noah Hodge, 14.

A Florida house bill filed Monday proposes increasing the minimum age to drive a golf cart to 16-years-old and older.

Hodge was on a golf cart with friends at Nocatee Town Center Monday night. He disagrees with the proposal and says being able to drive at a young age builds maturity. 

"It teaches you how to drive when you're 16 too because you'll be safer on an actual road with a car which is more dangerous with a golf cart," Hodge said. 

The bill filed by Representative Cyndi Stevenson, who represents parts of St. Johns, says golf cart drivers must have a valid driver's license or learner's permit that is not suspended or revoked. Violation of the law would be a noncriminal traffic infraction.

In a statement, Stevenson tells First Coast News, "As we adopt new options for mobility, safety regulations will also have to evolve.  We are seeing more people in the ER with serious avoidable injuries. This bill is a common sense way to reduce pain, suffering, trips to the ER and even loss of life. This is the kind of work the public expects us to do in Tallahassee."

According to the St. Johns County Sheriffs' Office, golf carts can only be driven on designated public roads with speed limits no faster than 25 miles per hour.

If this bill is adopted, it would take effect on July 1.

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