JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On Tuesday, more layoffs were reported at the Jacksonville-based CSX. This follows a reported 1,000 layoffs at the company back in March.

The company provided little clarification as to why there were more layoffs, so First Coast News dug-in to the timeline of events:

On Feb. 21, CSX spokesman Gary Sease announced 1,000 management positions would be eliminated and that those layoffs would be announced to employees in mid-March, leaving thousands of employees to endure grueling weeks of not knowing about the stability of their job.

On March 6, CSX employees, who wanted to remain anonymous, reached out and informed First Coast News the layoffs had begun, the same day new the CEO Hunter Harrison was appointed.

A couple days later on March 9, Sease stated that those layoffs were complete as of that Monday, March 6. He sent us an email saying, “On Monday, CSX concluded the Involuntary Separation Program announced on Feb. 21. Approximately 800 management positions were eliminated, including about 500 in Jacksonville across multiple locations and subsidiaries.”

The latest layoffs at CSX occurring the week April 25th, Sease told First Coast News they were all part of that “Involuntary Separation Program” from March, but his statement seemed contradictory to his previous statements because he had told us that the program was quote “concluded” last month.

When we questioned him on the contradiction, he replied saying, “CSX has now separated 1,000 individuals, which completes the downsizing program announced on Feb. 21 that was substantially completed in early March. No further actions under that program are anticipated, and we thank those employees for their important contributions.”

Sease has not made any further clarifications to First Coast News or answered why they informed us the program was “concluded” last month if they expected more layoffs this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, CSX employees, who wanted to remain anonymous, told us they heard up to 250 jobs were being cut this week in Jacksonville. They believed most were cut at the downtown location on Tuesday morning, but expected more at the Southpoint location possibly on Friday. 

Sease would not specify the amount cut at any location, but called it a quote “small number of employee reductions” and said not to expect any more cuts associated with the program.

First Coast News reached out to the Mayor’s office for a comment regarding the continued layoffs and its impact on thousands of downtown workers. We received a statement saying, “It is disappointing. However, I never take job creation in our city for granted, which is why I have made that a key focus of mine since taking office and will continue that commitment. Jacksonville is strong and will remain strong.”

On the same day as CSX has been making layoffs, they have also been posting job openings in Jacksonville.

They are one of the largest corporations on the First Coast.