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'I can't put my baby on the floor:' Mice take over Northside apartment in Jacksonville

Pictures show glue traps full of mice that one tenant says were caught in her apartment.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Rodents have taken over an apartment on Jacksonville's Northside, according to one tenant.

She says the mouse infestation is so bad one tenant says she is afraid to let her 8-month-old baby play on the floor.

"They're out of control," she tells First Coast News. She wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from her complex.

"They're into like the bottom of my door and part of where the air conditioners are. They run throughout the house. I can't put my baby on the floor to crawl and she's supposed to be crawling right now"

The tenant, showing glue traps full of mice, that she says were caught in her apartment. She says the problem has lasted close to a year and that she's filed multiple complaints with the property managers.

"They came out here filled up the holes, but they seem like a still they still here," she says.

First Coast News reached out to the property managers and the property owners via phone and email, but have not heard back.

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According to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, tenants have rights in these situations. Landlords are required to keep inside floors, walls, ceilings basically rodent-proof according to Jacksonville's property safety and maintenance codes.

Calloway Cove Apartments is also a Housing and Urban Development property, and are required to meet federal housing regulations.

This tenant plans to file a complaint with the city's municipal code compliance division.

"I have nowhere to go, so I'm just hoping I can just do something."

Tenants who believe their landlords may be in violation with the law, should call the Jacksonville's municipal code compliance division to request an inspection, at 630-CITY (630-2489).

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