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Mayor Curry signs legislation forcing Jacksonville internet cafes to remove all 'simulated gambling' devices or close

This legislation goes into effect Friday, and the city will begin enforcing the law on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Mayor Lenny Curry signed legislation into law Friday that requires all Jacksonville internet cafes to remove all "simulated gambling" devices or close their doors for good.

This legislation goes into effect Friday, and the city will begin enforcing the law on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

On Tuesday, the city council approved the ordinance that calls for Internet cafes to immediately remove simulated gambling devices or close their doors, as soon as the mayor signs the bill into law.

The bill was introduced by councilwoman LeAnna Cumber during that Tuesday meeting, previously city council had voted to close all arcades with simulated gambling devices next year.

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City councilmembers Aaron Bowman and Ju'Coby Pittman are partnering with CareerSource Northeast Florida and Goodwill Industries of North Florida to offer jobs for displaced workers.

A job fair will be held on Thursday, Oct. 24 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. ar rge Emmett Reed Comunity Center, 1093 West 6th Street.

CareerSource Northeast Florida will have people on-site to assist attendees in connecting with local employers for seasonal and other employment opportunities.

Goodwill Temps, a program of Goodwill Industries of North Florida, will be hiring applicants immediately for both internal and external Goodwill positions. 

“Providing this opportunity to displaced employees is important in helping them transition into a viable career,” Bowman said.

“I understand the challenges that displaced workers will experience," Pittman said. "My purpose in co-hosting this job fair is to assist in connecting the employees with employment opportunities and options.”