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Makeup artist shares tips for slow business during pandemic

Times are hard right now for entrepreneurs, but one local makeup artist says now is the time to reflect on yourself and your business and get creative.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Prom and wedding season is already upon us and we've all been hearing about these types of events being postponed or canceled altogether. So what about the makeup artists who depend on this time of year as an entrepreneur?

LaTavia Dawson is the creator of Fabulous Faces on San Marco Boulevard and she has been navigating through life as an entrepreneur for about a decade now. 

"I actually quit my job around the 2008 recession," Dawson told First Coast News. "That's when I quit my job to focus on makeup full-time. That's why I say if I can get through that, I know I can get through this."

Since then, that leap of faith has turned her life into a constant hustle. Typically, this time of year is a makeup artist's bread and butter because it's all about the high school seniors and weddings.

"For the seniors, that was their last year for high school," she said. "I was more honestly concerned for my clients, especially my seniors because they were so excited about prom."

She learned back in 2008 that it's important to have savings just for a time like this.

"Of course you don't want to go through your savings but that's what it's there for," Dawson said.

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When the pandemic hit the First Coast, and as the cloud of uncertainty continues to linger weeks later, that's one thing she's been able to rely on. 

"Life is going to happen," Dawson said. "Even if it wasn't COVID-19, I've gone through many ups and downs being an entrepreneur. I just feel like you have to be creative, innovative and open-minded. There are many times where I thought my career would look one way and I'd be going down one street, then life happens and I'm redirected, but the redirection is so much better than I could have imagined.

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