JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Radio stations spend the entire month of December playing Christmas music. It's hard to avoid this time of year. For most people, it puts them in the holiday spirit. But one St. Augustine restaurant manager and chef says a customer's note was more Grinch than Santa last week.

The note on the back of the receipt at Michael Tasting Room from a customer read "Christmas music was offensive. Consider playing holiday music or less religious themed."

“My server in concern had to show me that and it was really like what is going on in this world? So we posted it." Chef Michel Lugo told First Coast News.

Lugo decided to make his response public, on Facebook. His statement "Really...what's wrong with people."

"It's all about celebration of family celebration of gathering with friends and people and it's a tradition. It's not about a religion it's not about anything else. I am a Christian but I don't push that as my agenda I think that Christmas is Christmas." Lugo said.

His response has been a hit on social media, generating more than 200 comments and 262 likes on Facebook.

Jody Mathein's response to the post is reflective of most, saying " It's so sad that people try to take Christ out of Christmas. If they don't believe in Christ stay quiet and let those of us who know what the season is about enjoy it. I'm sure God is as proud of you as I am Michael."

He says he didn't take to social media to complain. Instead he did it to protect his staff, writing "Thank you all for the support. I'm very comfortable with these situations, but the stress it puts on my staff is unfair. Between social media and review sites I swear they are under constant pressure that someone is going to write something bad about us. People no longer deal face to face, and feel it's their duty to tell everyone one else how bad you are. The crazy part is no longer is it regarding facts, and now it's opinions about decor or opinions about Christmas music...what next how we look...oh yeah I've seen that too"

Michael's Tasting Room in St. Augustine.  PHOTO: Janny Rodriguez, First Coast News
Michael's Tasting Room in St. Augustine.  PHOTO: Janny Rodriguez, First Coast News