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Jacksonville business owner relieved following Supreme Court's decision on vaccine mandate

The court voted 6-3 against the mandate. At the same time, the court is giving the go for a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The nation’s highest court ruling Thursday on the Biden Administration’s federal vaccine mandates.

In a 6-3 vote the U.S. Supreme Court halted the vaccine or test rule for large companies, but voted 5 to 4 to give the green light on the vaccine mandate for some healthcare workers.

"Today was a great day for liberty, today was a great day for the constitution, today was a great day for freedom," said Daniel Vallencourt, Vallencourt Construction.

Vallencourt says he’s glad the president’s push to require a vaccine or regular testing for companies with a hundred or more workers was booted by the Supreme Court.

Vallencourt develops land and roads in Northeast Florida and says majority of his workers are opposed to a vaccine mandate.

"We would have lost a lot of employees because they would’ve refused to be vaccinated," he said.

Vallenocourt says he has nearly 800 employees. He says he doesn’t believe the federal government should have the authority to tell him what works for his business. Governor Ron DeSantis agrees.

"In Florida, what we said was nobody should be denied earning a living based on these jabs, that’s your choice. It’s a private choice. It is not something that the government should be forcing," said the governor.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is allowing the federal mandate to stay in place for healthcare workers at medical facilities that take Medicare or Medicaid.

First Coast News received a statement from Flagler Health saying it will comply with the government but the hospital system is fully committed to protecting jobs and focused on best outcomes for patients.

All while smaller business owners find other ways to protect employees.

"What we’ve done is we have done vaccine drives…. We have encouraged people to get vaccinated. We also have a policy where… even though the federal government was paying people who had COVID as they stayed home… we are continuing that policy," said Vallencourt.

First Coast News has received a statement from Governor DeSantis’ office saying…. “Healthcare jobs are protected under Florida law. If any worker cannot get vaccinated for reasons of personal beliefs or medical conditions, they must be granted an exemption upon request.”