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Final crew member rescued from overturned cargo ship in St. Simons Sound

All four crew members have been freed from the wreckage in St. Simons Sound. The cargo ship has been on its side since early Sunday morning.

The final crew member from an overturned cargo ship in St. Simons Sound has been rescued after spending over 30 hours trapped inside the ship's control room, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

The condition of the rescued crew member has not been disclosed, though video from the Coast Guard shows the crew member standing on his own surrounded by rescuers.

"That is amazing!" U.S. Coast Guard Capt. John Reed said to rescuers in the aftermath, "The best day of my career because you guys did that. Outstanding. Thank you!"

Earlier on Monday, the Coast Guard, with the help of several agencies, rescued three other crew members who were trapped in a different location on the boat.

"Their conditions are relatively good for having spent close to 34-35 hours in the conditions they were in," Reed said about the three crewmates.

With the rescue of the fourth crewmember, all 24 crew members of the overturned Golden Ray in St. Simons Sound are accounted for.

Below is a timeline of events leading up to the rescue.

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Monday, Sept. 9

5:58 p.m.: The final remaining crew member was extracted safely. All crew members are accounted for.

Credit: FCN

3:30 p.m.: U.S. Coast Guard holds says one person remains trapped inside an overturned cargo ship in St. Simons Sound after three crewmates were rescued Monday, the Coast Guard said.

The person still on board is trapped in an engineering control room, Coast Guard Capt. John Reed said during a press conference at 3:30 p.m. Rescue crews are still trying to reach them and their condition isn't known.

Reed says the three people rescued are doing as good as might be expected.

"Their conditions are relatively good for having spent close to 34-35 hours in the conditions they were in," he said. 

Reed said the rescued crew members got out via a 2-foot-by-3-foot hole created by rescuers. Two were able to walk with assistance. 

Reed said the three rescued crew members were all in one spot on the wrecked cargo ship and had access to fresh food and water.

The one who remains onboard has not.

10:53 p.m.: The United States Coast Guard tweeted that crews have officially made contact with the missing crew members on board the partly submerged cargo ship on Monday after it overturned in the St. Simons Sound more than 24-hours prior.

Up until now, four crew members were unaccounted for and more than 20 were rescued.

It was initially deemed unsafe for Coast Guard crews to continue searching on board the ship due to its instability, but a helicopter was able to safely land on the vessel Monday morning to continue rescue efforts.

The Coast Guard says that Golden Ray was conducting a starboard turn to depart the Port of Brunswick around 2 a.m. Sunday when it started listing over on the port side. Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened.

12:53 p.m.: Crews are working to develop a plan for the extraction of the crew members stuck inside the partially submerged ship. The Coast Guard says that this is a 'slow, but safe process."

12:45 p.m.: All four people have been confirmed to be alive, response crews will now begin to drill a hole to deliver supplies.

12:25 p.m.: The U.S. Coast Guard helicopter has landed on top of the ship. People are moving back and forth between the chopper and another part of the ship, seemingly unfurling supplies.

11:41 a.m.: Glynn County Commissioner District 5 Allen Booker weighs in on potential environmental impacts. 

“Our priority for the moment is a concern for the missing crew members. We do not have enough information on the spill, to comment on an environmental impact.”

11 a.m.: U.S. Coast Guard says rescuers have drilled through the hull of the overturned ship, the Associated Press reports.

AP reports that all crewmembers seem to be okay but that the initial rescue team has faced a language barrier in communicating with the South Korean crew.

10:53 a.m.: The Coast Guard tweeted that salvage crews have made contact with crew members in the Golden Ray. Their conditions unknown and extraction is being planned. 

10:24 a.m.: Salvage crews are currently assessing the Golden Ray hull for a possible entry. 

9:25 a.m.: A rescue team hears noises from inside a cargo ship where four crew members are missing, the U.S. Coast Guard said Monday.

"They heard noises, but we can't confirm that it's signs of life," Petty Officer 3rd class Ryan Dickinson told The Associated Press on Monday morning. "We can't confirm that without going in and looking, but they did hear sounds."

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9:32 a.m:  First Coast News has learned that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is testing for fecal matter in the water surrounding the ship, which is routine for a spill of this nature.

The Coast Guard is responsible for testing the water for fuel contaminants and says that fuel spilling is on their radar and there has been “light sheening."

8:44 a.m.: Salvage crews and the United States Coast Guard are on the scene on Monday morning. A Coast Guard helicopter has landed on the ship.

8:36 a.m.: The United States Coast Guard lands on the Golden Ray.

4:39 a.m.: Brunswick News is reporting the Coast Guard told them they heard tapping coming from inside the ship. 

Sunday, Sept. 8

5:17 p.m.: The rescued crewmembers get food and clothes from a local volunteer group in Brunswick.

MORE: Volunteer, donation-based group helps rescued crew members after ship overturns in St. Simons Sound 

4:13 p.m.: The United States Coast Guard holds a press briefing for Golden Ray in Brunswick, Georgia. 

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11:07 a.m.: Rescue efforts underway after four crewmembers are not accounted for.  The Coast Guard is working to stabilize the vessel so that the search for the four missing crew members can continue. Once the vessel has been stabilized, they will determine the best way to continue rescue operations.

5:45 a.m.: Crews still working to evacuate the ship. Vessel traffic in the Port of Brunswick is currently suspended until further notice.  

3:37 a.m.: Coast Guard and other local agencies reporting that the cargo vessel Golden Ray has overturned. The crew of the vessel is being evacuated at this time. 

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