Two vessels left the Port of Brunswick Wednesday and began a carefully monitored journey past the stricken Golden Ray cargo ship.

The Emerald Ace cargo ship, which has been at the port since Sept. 8, was given permission to leave port and pass the capsized vessel in the St. Simons Sound.

The Golden Ray Joint Information Center provided this statement to First Coast News:

“A decision was made to use two vessels that were docked at the port to allow a monitored transit of the two vessels such that we could evaluate how those vessels passing affected the Golden Ray. That data is needed as we continue to devise a plan to open the port.”

The port is not yet fully open to traffic at this time. 

The Golden Ray cargo vessel has remained near the channel to the port since it tipped over early Sunday morning. It is not yet known how the vessel will be removed. Coast Guard officials aimed to reopen port operations on Thursday, despite the presence of the Golden Ray.